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Quantum Automotive announces the promotion of Tim Watts as the President of Superlift Suspension

Quantum Automotive announces the promotion of Tim Watts as the President of Superlift Suspension

WEST MONROE, Louisiana – May 27, 2014 - Quantum Automotive of Michigan proudly announces that Tim Watts has accepted the promotion to the position of President of Superlift Suspension, reporting to CEO Bob Crockett. 


Watts will have total oversight including strategic direction and expansion for Superlift Suspension, the off-road original which has set the standard for excellence in the after-market suspension industry with its award winning designs and legendary product quality. 

“I am thrilled, as we all are at Quantum Automotive, to offer Tim this position.” said Crockett “He shares our vision, values and focus on innovation and places the same strong emphasis as we do on creating valuable growth and a positive customer experience.  He has shown himself to be an extraordinary leader throughout his career and has a proven track record as an executive at Superlift and as a member of the Board of Directors for SEMA.”

“I am very honored by the faith Quantum Automotive has shown by placing me in this leadership position.” said Watts “We’ve done some amazing things at Superlift over the years, and I look forward to leading the company into the future as we implement our plans for exciting growth and position Superlift as a leader in the aggressively expanding automotive after-market industry.”


Watts will assume the role of President immediately vacating his former position of Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for Superlift.  The role of Vice President of Sales and Marketing will be evaluated as we look to grow the management team at Superlift Suspension.


Superlift Suspension, with cutting edge and revolutionary design, legendary quality and phenomenal customer service offer the best lift kits in the world.   Since its origins in 1975, Superlift has been a pioneer in the after-market suspension industry.  The company looks forward to carrying on that spirit as it ventures into new areas of the automotive after-market with Tim Watts at the helm.


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