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2" Ford Suspension Lift Kit - Replacement Front Bilstein Strut (SOLD EACH)

  • SKU: BE5-C298-H0
  • $189.95
  • A true high pressure monotube gas performance shock, made to Superlifts specs by Bilstein
  • Provides unmatched handling and control
  • Adjust from stock height to 2" over stock
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

Up to a 32" tire on a wheel with up to factory backspacing

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The provided tire/wheel fitments are approximate.

Actual dimensions of a given tire size can vary considerably from one brand to another.

Manufacturers’ wheel offset and backspacing measurement points are not always consistent.

Backspacing greatly impacts tire-to-fender clearance when turning.

Wheel width and backspacing influence whether the tires protrude past the fenders, and to what extent.

Considering these important factors, we recommend that you fit-check your tire/wheel selection prior to purchasing.

Part # 9906 consists of U-bolt kit and 3 pair of half-inch thick spring plates that provide up to 1.5" of lift in half-inch increments.

Part # BE5-C298-H0 SS shocks can be used in combination with a 2.5" Spacer Lift system, but only with the shocks at their "no lift" setting.

Superlift Superide Select (SS) series by Bilstein replacement front shocks provide true performance for your F-150. The high-pressure monotube gas design features a durable Zinc plated body backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Three different snap-ring grooves in the SS shock body allow different coil spring seat settings which alter ride height.

With the spring seat at its lowest setting the SS shocks provide no lift and act only as a premium shock upgrade. The second groove setting provides approximately 1" of lift, while the third groove yields approximately 2" of lift.

This lift method pre-loads the factory coil spring which makes it an ideal solution to offset lost ride height due to the additional weight of a winch or snow plow.


Year Range Make Model Product Detail Drivetrain Engine Cab
2004-2008 Ford F-150 Pickup 0"-2" Ford Suspension Lift Kit 2WD    
2004-2008 Ford F-150 Pickup 0"-2" Ford Suspension Lift Kit 4WD    

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