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6"-7.5" GM Suspension Lift Kit with Bilstein Shocks - 2001-2008 2500HD/3500 4WD - Bracket Style Kit

  • SKU: K309B
  • $1,383.95
  • Retains factory ride quality, steering geometry and CV axle angles
  • Front track width not increased
  • Front lift height range of 6" to 7.5"
  • Full-width differential / control arm crossmembers provide lateral rigidity
  • Cross-member kicker braces add strength front-to-rear
  • Load bearing bracketry made of .25" thick plate steel or DOM tubing
  • Front differential housing does not require trimming
  • Centerlink stabilizing link makes steering more responsive and extends pitman / idler arm life
  • Superlift Superide or Superide Select (SS) shocks include
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

6" - 35 x 12.50 on a 8-9" wheelwith a standard backspacing - 7.5" -up to a 37 x 12.50 on a 8-9" wheel with a standard backspacing

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The provided tire/wheel fitments are approximate.

Actual dimensions of a given tire size can vary considerably from one brand to another.

Manufacturers’ wheel offset and backspacing measurement points are not always consistent.

Backspacing greatly impacts tire-to-fender clearance when turning.

Wheel width and backspacing influence whether the tires protrude past the fenders, and to what extent.

Considering these important factors, we recommend that you fit-check your tire/wheel selection prior to purchasing.

1997 and newer models with Autotrac require dual cardan driveshaft, shown in options. Non-Autotrac models may also need driveshaft if regularly driven in 4WD over 35 MPH.

With single exhaust, a new, reformed section of exhaust crossover pipe is required to clear front driveshaft.

Special puller tool is recommended to load / unload torsion bars.

2007 models require part # 15252696 and part # 15150104 to be purchased from the dealership in order to install front driveshaft.

Laser-cut bracketry lowers the factory upper and lower control arms, in relation to the frame, to provide front lift. The 6" to 7.5" variable front lift height range is determined by torsion bar adjustment. The lower control arms, plus the front legs of the upper control arms, are anchored by full-width crossmembers. The front differential assembly is relocated to alleviate CV axle and driveshaft angles, plus this lift method does not require front differential housing trimming, as is the case with most replacement knuckle systems.

Steering linkage geometry is addressed by a replacement centerlink, which keeps the tie rods in phase with the lower control arms. A stabilizing link prevents fore and aft centerlink movement, otherwise, excessive stress loads would be transmitted to the factory pitman and idler arms. The torsion bar crossmember is also lowered to align it with the lower control arms.

Rear lift is via 5" blocks. The system includes your choice of Superide or Superide SS shocks by Bilstein.

Options include a steering stabilizer kit, skidplates and kicker braces.

NOTE: Superlift's replacement Front CV Style Driveshaft, part number 3287, is required if the vehicle is equipped with Autotrac.

Year Range Make Model Drivetrain Engine Cab
2001-2008 Chevy/GMC 2500HD Pickup 4WD    
2000-2008 Chevy/GMC 3500 Pickup 4WD    

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