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Steering Stabilizer Kit - 1999-2006 GM 1500 w/ Superlift 6-7.5" Bracket Style Kit

  • SKU: 92225
  • $69.95

The kit includes a single Superide cylinder, plus all required mounting hardware. The Superide cylinder features increased oil capacity, for cooler operating temperatures and less fade, plus valving tailored to meet the demands of heavier tires / wheels and aggressive terrain.

A cylinder boot, if desired, is purchased separately. Superlift shock boots also fit these cylinders.

A steering stabilizer is basically a shock absorber for your steering system. It allows unrestricted gradual movement, but resists sudden shock. Stabilizers also combat other forces that induce tire shimmy, such as larger/heavier tires and wheels, and slack in your suspension and steering systems that occurs from normal wear.

Most vehicles are factory equipped with a stabilizer, yet like most factory shock absorbers, they are barely adequate, and have a limited service life. Look for signs of oil leakage where the shaft meets the cylinder body.

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