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 Insist On 100% Genuine Superlift!

Over the years, on several occasions, counterfeit Superlift products have been sold in the market. Frequently, the substituted fraudulent product is not discovered until the vehicle owner contacts us with a product fitment, failure, or ride quality issue.
Some companies offer their own limited line of kits and components.  Some dealers will substitute, without your knowledge, these lesser quality and not-to-specification parts. Don’t be a victim!
If you suspect that a product is counterfeit, please call us at 800-551-4955.
 Here is how to ensure that you get what you expect... 100% Superlift Quality
1.       Insist - Tell your dealer that you want 100% Superlift Products. Anything else and you’re settling for less.
2.       Comparison - Compare the invoiced part numbers to our cataloged / web part numbers. If they don’t match then raise the red flags.
3.       Product Inspection - Inspect each component for the proper Superlift part number.  Individual components have the part number either stamped into or labeled onto the part.
4.       Bracket Identification - All Superlift components are powder-coated black, or plated in silver colored Zinc.
5.       Package and Installation Instruction Sheet Identification - All Superlift packages and instruction sheets feature our copyrighted logo. A printed part number label, also with our copyrighted logo, is adhered to one (or both) ends of the box.  Look for the trademarked Superlift copyrighted logo on product packaging and in the installation instructions.
Superlift Package Identification
6.       Leaf Spring Identification - In late-2013, Superlift began using leaf springs MADE IN USA, and the adhesive label appears as shown. Superlift MADE IN INDIA springs will remain in circulation for some time, and these have a yellow adhesive label, as shown. 
Superlift Leaf Spring Identification Image


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