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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Superlift Dealer. Click the button above to open up our Dealer Application. You can choose to fill it the form electronically, print, sign and fax it back to us - or - you can print it out first, fill it in by hand, sign it and then fax it back to us. How you fill it out is up to you. The last two pages are only required to be completed if you are a seeking open terms as part of our dealer agreement. You should be contacted about the status of your application within 24 hours of submission, unless submitted on a Friday or Saturday - in which case you will be contacted the next business day.

Why You Should be Selling Superlift Suspension Products

Buy Dealer Direct

Sell Superlift at the most competitive prices ever offered, while making great margins. Superlift is continuously looking to enhance quality and value, and find ways to grow our business by improving our Dealers’ competitive edge. Towards this end, we are pleased to say that we sell directly to you – the Dealer. By taking the large Warehouse Distributors, and their margin, out of the distribution chain were able to keep our pricing competitive while allowing a healthy profit opportunity to those dealers that sell our products.

Contact us for dealer pricing - you will be surprised at the GPM you can earn as a Superlift Dealer, while selling product at very competitive rates to that of any suspension manufacturer.

Dealer Locator

We are adding dealers daily to our website's Dealer us to find out how you can be listed on our Dealer Locator.

U.S.A Quality

We've brought all major lift kit component(s) manufacturing back to the U.S.A.

New Products

Superlift is the leader in lift kit and related product design, and has been since we opened our doors in 1975. Our Product Development Department is widely considered to be the premier lift kit and off-road suspension design team in the industry. As a dealer you’ll receive regular new product updates, and will be the first to know when we have new product ready for ready for shipping.

Along with our Regular New Product Update alerts, Superlift Dealers receive our New Product Media Kits as well. Our New Product Media Kits include everything you need to set up our new products in your system, and help your sales staff to start selling these new products to your customers quickly and easily. Superlift New Product Media Kits include:

  • New Product Application Chart
  • New Product Features and Benefits List
  • New Product Instructions
  • New Product Images (Kit Only)
  • New Product Images (Vehicle Equipped)
  • New Product Over-View (Release)
  • New Product Tire & Wheel Specs
  • New Product Sales Flier (in PDF format, ready for you to print and hand out to customers)
  • New Product Pricing, Weight, UPCs and other needed information your system needs.

Advertising Campaigns and Marketing Support

Superlift Dealers not only get new product information delivered to them, but Superlift’s FTP cloud drive is chock full of sales tools that are available to our dealers 24/7. As a Superlift Dealer you are granted permission to utilize our cloud archives and access everything from images (for every part we sell on the web - both kits and vehicles), to product fliers, to excel spread sheets with pricing, UPC, weight and other system information for all products, to electronic format version of our current product application guide and current catalogs plus digital logo files, sales flier archives and much more.

Superlift's Commitment

We are committed to being the suspension lift kit market value leader. We will never offer the cheapest product; this requires too many product concessions. Superlift will provide exceptional product that is competitively priced, and we pledge to give our dealers 110% effort and support.